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Install Instructions

How To Install Vinyl Decals: 

1: Thoroughly clean and dry the surface where the decal will be installed.

2: After measuring and marking your intended installation location if necessary, apply a horizontal strip of masking or painters tape to the top of the graphic with the top half of the tape on the intended surface, creating a hinge.

3: Hold the bottom edge of the hinged graphic away from the intended surface and remove the back liner (which is different from the transfer tape), revealing the sticky backing of your lettering or graphic. Be careful not to allow the exposed adhesive to touch the surface.

4: Using a squeegee (available for purchase when you order), apply pressure to the front or pre masked side of your decal, placing the graphic onto the intended surface. Squeegee from left to right from the top down. If creases or bubbles develop, carefully lift the graphic and re-squeegee it.

5: Once in place without bubbles, squeegee the decal to ensure the adhesive is firmly attached to the surface.

6: Gently remove the pre-mask transfer tape, starting at a top corner. If any vinyl begins to come off the wall, use your squeegee to firmly adhere it back to the wall and continue peeling away the premask.

7: Laying the liner over the graphic with the shiny side facing you, apply hard pressure with the squeegee, removing any stubborn air bubbles.


Vinyl Specifications:                        

Thickness: .002” (2-mil)

UV Resistance: 5-10 years of outdoor vibrancy. 

Estimated Lifespan: Approximately 6-7 years depending on use (Florescent colors only have a 1-2 years lifespan and select gloss and metallic colors have up to a 10 year lifespan).

Temperature Range: -40F to 225F

Installation Method: Pre-Masked Transfer Tape 

Uses: Indoor and Outdoor. Business storefronts and windows, walls, home decor, cars, trucks, boats, etc.